Contract Designer


Print, Web Design, Social Media, Brand Identity, Photography, Videography

Tools used: Shopify, Adobe CS, Klaviyo

Crafting a Digital Presence for Artisanal Ceramics

In my collaboration with a ceramics company, I had the unique opportunity to bring their brand to life in the digital space. My role encompassed a comprehensive range of services, from developing the brand identity and logo design to designing the website. But my involvement didn't stop there. I also took charge of managing their Shopify store, a task that included uploading products, maintaining inventory, conducting product photography, and handling email marketing campaigns through Klaviyo. This project was about much more than design; it was about creating a digital ecosystem that accurately represented the artisanal quality of the ceramics and enhanced the company's online presence.

Streamlining Sales and Inventory Management

One of the key successes of this project was the implementation of Shopify as the e-commerce platform. By moving the company's sales online and setting up a streamlined process for inventory management, I was able to significantly ease the burden on the owner, especially when it came to shipping and managing the stock of her handmade products. This shift not only simplified internal operations but also expanded the company's reach to a broader audience, allowing more people to discover and purchase these unique ceramic pieces.

Boosting Engagement and Sales through Targeted Marketing

A critical component of my work was leveraging Klaviyo for email marketing campaigns. By carefully crafting and sending out engaging emails, we were able to keep existing customers informed and attract new ones, thereby increasing overall sales. The combination of a well-designed website, a user-friendly online store, and effective email marketing campaigns created a cohesive digital strategy that brought tangible results, elevating the brand and its handmade ceramics in the online marketplace.