Simplifying Medicare with Accessibility

Simplifying Medicare with Accessibility

Senior UI/UX Designer


Wireframing, App Design, User Experience, Design Architecture

Tools used: Figma, Vue, TailwindCSS

Tailoring Medicare Solutions for Seniors

At SmartMatch, I had the opportunity to design a mobile and web application specifically tailored for the 65+ generation, simplifying their experience with Medicare insurance policies and applications. Recognizing the unique needs of this demographic, I focused on creating a platform that was both intuitive and comprehensive. The application includes a personalized health profile, a secure space for storing medications and provider details, and an integrated referral program. One of the key features is the ability for users to easily schedule calls with SmartMatch agents, ensuring they receive the guidance they need to make informed decisions about their Medicare options.

Enhancing User Experience with Thoughtful Design

In my role, I was responsible for crafting the design system and developing the user interfaces for both the web and mobile applications. The challenge was to design a solution that was not only easy to navigate for seniors but also robust enough to handle complex Medicare information and processes. By focusing on clear typography, intuitive navigation, and a simplified layout, I ensured that the applications were accessible and user-friendly, catering to the specific needs and preferences of our senior users.

Bridging the Gap between Healthcare and Technology

Alongside the application development, I also took charge of creating marketing landing pages that effectively communicated the benefits of SmartMatch. These pages were designed to be informative, engaging, and reassuring, reflecting the core values of SmartMatch. The integration of the design system across the web and mobile apps, as well as the marketing materials, ensured a cohesive and consistent brand experience. This project at SmartMatch showcases my ability to blend thoughtful design with practical functionality, making complex healthcare information accessible to the senior community.

Simplifying Medicare with AccessibilitySimplifying Medicare with AccessibilitySimplifying Medicare with AccessibilitySimplifying Medicare with AccessibilitySimplifying Medicare with Accessibility