Public Print Co.

Public Print Co.

Owner, Founder


Print, Web Design, Social Media, Brand Identity, Photography, Videography

Tools used: Webflow, Figma, Adobe CS, Mailchimp

Marrying Tradition and Innovation: The Public Print Story

For the past five years, I've been at the helm of Public Print, a boutique letterpress print shop that I proudly own and operate. Specializing in letterpress, foil stamping, die-cutting, and embossing, we've carved a niche primarily in the wedding industry and among stationery designers, focusing on B2B services. Public Print is more than just a business to me; it's a journey that combines my passion for traditional printing methods with the modern demands of today's market. This venture has been about finding the perfect balance between the timeless art of print and the evolving landscape of technology, showcasing how both can coexist to create something truly special.

Craftsmanship Meets Digital Excellence

At Public Print, every piece we create is a testament to the enduring charm of tactile experiences. Operating the equipment and engaging in the physical process of printing has been incredibly fulfilling, reminding me of the unique value of handcrafted items. Alongside this, I've taken an active role in lead generation, social media management, and web development and design. This blend of roles underscores my commitment to not only preserving the art of print but also embracing the digital avenues that allow our work to reach a wider audience. It's about honoring the craft while innovatively showcasing it in the digital realm.

A Personal Journey Through Print

Public Print isn't just a business; it's a personal narrative that reflects my deep appreciation for the art of print. Every project we undertake is an opportunity to merge old-school printing techniques with contemporary designs, creating products that resonate both aesthetically and emotionally. My journey with Public Print has been a fulfilling exploration of how tangible, handcrafted items can bring a unique joy and sense of connection in an increasingly digital world, ensuring that the art of print continues to thrive and inspire.

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