Navigating Construction Management

Navigating Construction Management

Senior UI/UX Designer


Wireframing, App Design, User Experience, Design Architecture, Photography, Videography

Tools used: Figma, Adobe CS

Pioneering Design at PASKR: Building a User-Centric Construction Management Platform

At PASKR, a Nashville-based construction management software company, I had the distinct opportunity to lead a ground-up redesign as their first UI/UX designer. The company was transitioning from a PHP-based tech stack to a modern JavaScript framework, and my role was to reimagine the entire platform. A crucial part of this transformation involved conducting user interviews to gather feedback from construction companies. These insights were instrumental in shaping a new, more modern design system that would meet the evolving needs of our users, offering a sleek and intuitive interface while retaining the platform's robust functionality.

Enhancing User Experience through Guided Journeys

One of the key innovations I introduced at PASKR was the integration of user journey flows. Recognizing the complexity of construction management, I designed a system where users, upon entering the platform, are greeted with interactive prompts. These guides are strategically designed to help users navigate the platform more effectively, learning its functionalities step-by-step. This approach not only eased the onboarding process but also enhanced overall user engagement, making it easier for general contractors to transition from traditional methods like Excel spreadsheets to our comprehensive digital solution.

Transforming Construction Management with a Unified Platform

The redesign of PASKR's platform was more than just a visual overhaul; it was about creating a central hub where all aspects of construction management could be efficiently handled. My design focused on ensuring that the platform could support the myriad moving parts of construction projects, from initial planning to final execution. By offering a unified and user-friendly interface, we empowered general contracting firms to manage their projects more effectively and efficiently, marking a significant leap from conventional, spreadsheet-dependent processes to a streamlined, all-in-one management solution.

Navigating Construction ManagementNavigating Construction ManagementNavigating Construction ManagementNavigating Construction ManagementNavigating Construction Management