Contract Designer


Brand and Web Design

Tools used: Adobe CS, Webflow, Figma

Neuronutrition: Nourishing Mind and Body through Science-Based Supplements

At Neuronutrition, a brand dedicated to enhancing wellness through scientifically backed nutritional supplements, I undertook the comprehensive task of creating a brand identity that reflects the intricate link between nutrition and cognitive health. This project encompassed not only the branding but also the design of various assets and the development of a user-centric website.

Crafting a Unified Brand Identity

The challenge was to visualize the concept of Neuronutrition in a way that communicates the fusion of neural health and nutrition. The logo design, with its clean and organic elements, represents growth and connectivity, mirroring the company's philosophy of natural, science-driven solutions for mental and physical well-being. The color palette—subtle, earthy tones alongside calming blues—was chosen to evoke a sense of tranquility and trust, vital for a brand in the health and wellness sector.

Designing with Purpose

For Neuronutrition's website, the goal was to design a space that not only serves as a point of sale but educates its visitors on the importance of nutrient-based interventions in mental health. The layout was structured to guide users through informative content to product selections seamlessly, facilitating an educational journey complemented by easy navigation. The incorporation of interactive elements, such as detailed product filters and a rich blog space, allows users to engage with the content meaningfully, aligning with their personal health journeys.