Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange

Design Lead


Wireframing, App Design, User Experience, Design Architecture

Tools used: Figma, FigJam

The Insights Project at Lucky Orange

At Lucky Orange, similar to Google Analytics but with our unique flair, I embarked on one of our most ambitious projects: Insights. This feature is the heart of our analytics tool, where users can delve deep into website performance and visitor behavior. My role was crucial in designing an interface that not only surfaces insights like page load speeds and console errors but also uncovers complex behavioral patterns, such as high rates of page abandonment or rage clicks. The challenge was to present these intricate datasets in a way that was both meaningful and accessible, allowing website owners to pinpoint and resolve specific issues effectively.

Enhancing Team Collaboration with Insightful Data

A significant aspect of my work on Insights at Lucky Orange was creating a workflow that facilitates seamless team collaboration. I designed a system that allows users to share specific insights directly within their Lucky Orange account. This means, for example, if a JavaScript error is causing trouble on a webpage, it can be easily flagged and shared with the development team for a swift resolution. This feature not only enhances internal communication but also accelerates the problem-solving process, making it a valuable tool for teams of all sizes.

Balancing Complexity with User-Friendly Design

Designing the Insights feature was a complex puzzle, involving the aggregation of diverse data points and the integration of advanced filters like insight types and date ranges. My focus was on creating an interface that was not overwhelming despite its complexity. The goal was to craft a user experience that is intuitive, allowing users to effortlessly navigate through layers of data to find the precise information they need. This balance of complexity and usability is what sets Lucky Orange’s Insights apart, offering our users a powerful tool to improve their website's performance and visitor engagement.

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