Setting Routes

Setting Routes

Contract Product Designer


Mobile App Design

Tools used: Figma, Adobe CS

Elevating Gym Management: Designing Approach's Climbing Gym Software

At Approach, a company specializing in gym management software for climbing gyms, I stepped in as a contract product designer to develop an innovative mobile application tailored for internal staff use. My primary task was to create a comprehensive back-of-house system that streamlines operations like point of sale and membership management. However, the highlight of this project was the development of a specialized feature for route setting, a critical aspect of climbing gym management.

Revolutionizing Route Setting with Smart Technology

The route setting feature of the app was designed with precision and ingenuity. It allowed route setters to map out their daily tasks with ease, providing a detailed overview of the gym's layout and the climbing walls. What set this feature apart was its intelligent algorithm that remembered previously set routes, suggesting optimal new routes based on past configurations. This smart functionality not only streamlined the route setting process but also brought a level of sophistication and efficiency previously unseen in the climbing gym sector.

Harnessing Feedback for Continuous Improvement

Another key functionality I integrated into the app was the ability to manage and review feedback on different climbing routes. This feature enabled gyms to collect and analyze member opinions, providing valuable insights into their preferences and experiences. Such data was crucial in informing future decisions about route settings, ensuring that the gyms continually adapt and improve their offerings based on actual user feedback. This focus on member engagement and continuous improvement was central to the design philosophy of the project, highlighting Approach's commitment to enhancing the climbing experience through innovative technology.

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