FetchFresh App

FetchFresh App

Lead Designer


Design System, Mobile & Web App Design, Brand Identity, Web Design, Wireframing, Prototyping, User Research, Usability Studies

Tools used: Figma, Adobe CS

Why We Decided to Build the FetchFresh App

At FetchFresh, we believe that every dog deserves the best nutrition tailored to their unique needs. This inspired us to create an app where users could easily add pet profiles, offering the option to sync with DNA companies for better, more customized meal plans. We wanted to make it simple for dog owners to build subscriptions for meal plans and have access to comprehensive information and resources about the health and nutrition of their dog. With FetchFresh, finding the right food for your furry friend is not just easy but also insightful and fun!

Usability Testing and Challenges

From the very beginning, we knew the importance of understanding our users. We started by brainstorming and creating detailed user personas, like Sarah Myers, a dedicated physical therapist who values organic ingredients for her dog allergy needs. Then there is Mark Thompson, a busy software engineer who seeks the best nutrition for his active dogs, Bella and Charlie. These personas helped us empathize with our users goals and frustrations. Next, we conducted a competitor analysis, looking into Chewy, Ollie, Petco, and The Farmers Dog to understand what they offered and where they fell short. We started with low fidelity paper wireframes and moved to low-fi wireframes in Figma, conducting usability testing along the way. One major discovery was that users needed more information to make informed decisions within the app. This feedback was crucial, leading us to adjust our wireframes and test again to ensure we met our users needs.

Creating a Robust Design System and Prototyping

To ensure a seamless design process, we focused on creating a robust design system and a comprehensive sticker sheet for our component library. This foundation allowed us to produce high fidelity designs and usable prototypes in Figma. During usability testing, we found that users needed more visual cues to guide them through the app. To address this, we adjusted form field states to include inactive and active states, enhancing the user experience. For a deeper dive into our design process, check out our detailed case study here. We hope you enjoy exploring FetchFresh as much as we enjoyed building it!

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