A Better Sales Tool

A Better Sales Tool

Senior UI/UX Designer


Wireframing, App Design, User Experience, Design Architecture

Tools used: Figma, Angular, Material Design

Revolutionizing Medicare Sales: Designing an All-in-One Sales Tool

In my role as Senior Product Designer at a leading Medicare supplement and Medicare advantage sales company in Kansas City, I took on the challenge of digitizing and streamlining the sales process. Our mission was to create an internal tool that would not only expedite deal closures but also declutter the sales agents' workspaces by replacing physical papers, notes, and documents with a comprehensive digital solution. The application I designed allows agents to input and manage patient information, including demographics, medications, and providers. By integrating several regulated APIs from government agencies and insurance companies, the tool provides agents with the capability to quickly compare various plans, including Medicare advantage, Medicare supplement, and prescription medications, alongside ancillary products.

Empowering Agents with Advanced Comparison Features

A standout feature of this project was the ability to facilitate side-by-side comparisons of multiple household applicants simultaneously. This functionality is particularly beneficial in helping agents provide personalized and accurate plan recommendations. The design process involved continuous iterations to meet the evolving needs of the sales team and regulatory compliance. By leveraging Angular and Material Design as our foundational frameworks, we were able to implement custom modifications that catered specifically to our unique requirements, ensuring the tool was not only functional but also user-friendly.

Agile Design for a Dynamic Sales Environment

The rapid development environment was a critical aspect of this project. Working with Angular and Material Design, I led a design process that was both agile and adaptive, allowing for quick iterations in response to feedback from sales agents and changes in regulations. The focus was on creating an interface that was intuitive yet comprehensive, providing sales agents with all the necessary tools and information in one streamlined application. This approach significantly reduced the time and effort required for agents to manage and close deals, thereby enhancing overall efficiency and productivity in a fast-paced sales environment.

A Better Sales ToolA Better Sales ToolA Better Sales ToolA Better Sales ToolA Better Sales Tool