Head of Design


Design System, Mobile & Web App Design, Brand Identity, Web Design

Tools used: Figma, Adobe CS, GitHub, React, Vue, Ionic Framework, AWS

Elevating Healthcare Through Design

My role has involved crafting an entirely new design system from the ground up with the goal being to simplify and enhance the way patients connect with healthcare providers. The result is not just visually appealing marketing websites, but also user-friendly mobile and web applications that make healthcare feel more approachable and less intimidating.

Crafting a User-Centric Healthcare Ecosystem

The Haled Web App was an innovative online portal designed to streamline mobile specimen collection by enabling healthcare providers, including doctors and labs, to submit and manage orders for patient services directly from their homes. This multi-tenant platform featured a robust system of permissions, allowing various network participants to efficiently onboard, enter patient data, and place orders for services like blood draws. Key functionalities included real-time tracking of order status through a detailed audit trail, capturing events such as order completion and examiner dispatch. Providers could also view and analyze important metrics such as the number of cases handled, appointment schedules, cancellations, and no-shows. Additionally, the system facilitated the management of provider networks and detailed account and order management, enhancing operational efficiency and oversight.

Mobile Apps for Patient and Provider Connectivity

The Haled Mobile Apps consisted of two distinct applications, one for clients and one for providers, designed to facilitate seamless communication and operational efficiency in mobile healthcare services. The Client App, developed using React for rapid deployment, allowed patients to schedule examinations at their preferred location, communicate with providers, track their arrival, and access test results and appointment histories. This app enhanced patient engagement and convenience by integrating essential functionalities into a user-friendly interface. Conversely, the Provider App was tailored for the provider network, enabling them to view and accept available appointments, understand potential earnings, receive detailed instructions for specimen collections, and review their appointment histories. Built to support provider operations, this app streamlined the process of managing appointments and enhanced the overall efficiency of the mobile service delivery. Together, these applications established a robust connection between patients and providers, ensuring smooth and effective healthcare interactions.