Anita Doe

UI/UX designer, with a huge passion for Sushi

I bring to the table 8+ years of user experience advocacy and technical knowledge in UI/UX and Graphic Design, creating invaluable perspectives via research insights, data, and expertise. I thrive on change and operate on trust, leveraging multifaceted concepts in dissecting issues, and proposing effective, viable solutions.

As a UI/UX Designer, I take great pride in:

• Satisfying business strategies by providing users with top-level navigation menus.
• Creating the conceptual design with which users interact with the product or application.
• Optimizing usability of application/website, translating mechanisms to navigate errors.
• Defining company brands with integrated visual design, configuring the best images, colors, icons, fonts, and targeting application appearance impacting user interaction.

I am endowed with a high level of organizational expertise, purposeful follow-through, as well as the finesse to handle multiple tasks tactfully, and considerably. Additionally, I am assertive in defining goals, direction, and strategy, excelling in fast-paced, ever-changing working environments.

If you require a professional with a comprehensive background of optimizing brand recognition, marketing design, and user experience, then we should definitely connect!

Expertise: Visual Communication • Participatory Design • User Advocacy • Web Design Applications/Solutions Responsive Prototyping • UX/UI Design & Implementation • Agile & Lean Software Development • Marketing Content & Strategy • Application Programming Interface Design • Leadership and Collaboration • Stellar Communication and Interpersonal SkillsAs a proud Kansas City native, I possess the exceptional capability to drive brand awareness, and streamline overall quality for design systems, collaborating with multidisciplinary teams to build a great user experience.