PASKR Tech is a leading name in the construction software industry. Work for PASKR includes UI/UX for their enterprise software application for construction management, marketing content, photography, and videography.

November 21, 2020
UI/UX Design, Marketing Content Design

UI/UX, Content Design

During my time with PASKR Tech one of my responsibilities was taking the company through an extensive rebranding process. When I started their brand identity was a little bit outdated and didn't cater to their target audience very well. The goal was to bring in a more modern design while paying close attention to the rugged construction industry and trends.

Some images here reflect where we ended up with brand identity. I incorporated a clean, modern look and feel with strong construction imagery to back up the new and improved design. A few highlights were a brand new website built in Wordpress, a start-to-finish event design with registration website and collateral, and updated sales material.


My time at PASKR was evenly divided between Marketing and UI/UX for their enterprise level construction management software.

The construction management space is extremely complex and up until recently there hasn't been a viable solution outside of Excel.

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To take a construction project from start to finish, there's a million moving parts and things to remember. There's a lot that rides on general contractors when it comes to project management, making sure they stay on time and budget is crucial. Most small to medium size companies are run from Microsoft Excel which leaves a lot to be desired and just asks for human error. PASKR really want to change the industry with software that alleviated a lot of those pain points. Below are a few shots of my work within the actual application. Creating a better user experience and cleaned up UI were crucial when I began at PASKR. The brand and the software were out of date and needed a lot of help.